Although women are ahead in every work, but today we are going to tell about some such business, which you can start in a very low budget.

Beauty Salon The work of beauty salon is such that every woman can do it easily by staying at home.  By starting this work with a very low budget, you can increase your business on the income gradually.

beauty parlour

Blogging If you write well, read, have an idea of editing and are camera friendly, then you can earn money by opening your YouTube channel.  Gradually, ads will start getting on blogging and income will start coming.


Interior designer If you are fond of decorating the house, then do an interior designing course.  Nowadays women are doing a lot of this work with big builders and earning money.

interior designers 

Content writing If you can write well and know typing, then the work of freelance content writing sitting at home is good.  One can earn money by writing for many websites and news agencies.

Content Writing 

Sewing work: If you know sewing, then you can earn money by doing sewing work sitting at home.  This earns well and does not cause much tension.

sewing work 

Boutique If you have knowledge of new fashion and trend of clothes and you have interest in designing, then you can open your boutique.  It is a good thing if you know sewing, otherwise you can hire an expert tailor.

Garments shops 

Tuition If you have a passion for reading and teaching, then you can give tuition to children online and offline.  If you want, you can also earn money by taking tuition classes related to art-craft, music or other arts.

Coaching Center 

There are ups and downs in business.  Start business thinking this and trust yourself.  One day you will feel proud of yourself.  Keep reading for more such information

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