how to lose weight fast for women 

how to lose weight fast for women 

Obesity causes many types of diseases in women, which spoils their look

For a Women who is a housewife. it is difficult to go to the gym and exercise along with doing housework

Many women stop eating to reduce obesity, quitting food does not reduce weight

The reasons for weight gain in women are due to fluctuations in the body's hormones, sleeplessness, stress and weight gain of women during pregnancy

When the body weight of a woman and a man starts increasing normally, then it is called obesity.

What is obesity:

Due to the consumption of things like unhealthy food, junk food, fast food, toxins accumulate in the body and gradually weight gain starts due to weakening of digestive power.

The main reasons for weight gain:

Home remedies to lose weight

To lose weight, do exercises at home daily like- Surya Namaskar, Pranayama, Bhujangasana etc.

Drink lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning, if you want, you can add a little honey and a pinch of turmeric

Drink lemon and ginger tea

Consume lentil sugar to lose weight. Boil 4-5 grams cinnamon in 200 water and filter it and drink it after mixing 1 teaspoon honey.

Mix turmeric, honey, ginger in hot water and drink it.

Ashwagandha leaves can be consumed.

Metabolism and digestive system are better by consuming Ashwagandha mixed with milk and mixed with honey every day.